"In order to restore the trust we once lost, we will crack down hard on any questionable guild."

Gran Doma to the Magic Council in "He Who Snuffs Out Life"

Gran Doma



Guran Doma

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15px Male

Status Professional

Simbol Majlis Magik.png Magic Council


Magic Council Chairman

Pangkalan Operasi

Magic Council Headquarters

Status Peribadi


Debut Manga

Chapter 200

Debut Anime

Episode 96

Suara Jepun

Hiroshi Shirokuma

Galeri Imej

Gran Doma (グラン・ドマ Guran Doma) is the new Chairman of the Magic Council. To protect the order of the Magic society and regain the people's trust of the Magic Council, he has stated that they will keep a closer eye on the problem.[1]


Fail:Guran Doma.jpg

Gran Doma is tall and fit elderly man with long graying hair and a long beard. He is moderately clad in fitted armor; has an ornate cape draped over his shoulders. He also sports a stereotypical wizard hat. Also seems to carry around a large staff with a designed serpent head on it.

Personality Sunting

While not that much is known about Gran Doma, he is evidently a stern and serious man, who does not tolerate breaking of the law. He seems to have a by the book mentality of justice and dislikes any ignoring of the laws, such as his disdain for Fairy Tail's antics. In regards to the Oración Seis incident, he personally stated that if Fairy Tail does this kind of thing again, they will be forced to disband.[2] Lahar, Head of the 4th Custody Enforcement Unit, stated Doma is not one to hesitate in dealing judgement to evil, even if it means using Etherion to do so.[3]

Synopsis Sunting

Tenrou Island arcSunting

He appears at the Magic Council headquarters, speaking with the other councilmen and women on the fall of Oración Seis to the Light Team; specifically the Fairy Tail Guild's antics. He says that if they do such a thing again, they shall be disbanded. The rest of the council applauds the idea, except for Org.[2]

Key of the Starry Sky arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Click "show" to read the plot arc.

At the Magic Council, Gran Doma listens as Lahar is reporting to him the news about a group of churches that were recently destroyed. Gran Doma tells Lahar to do whatever it takes to stop the person responsible.[4]

At the Magic Council, Gran Doma and Org hear the news about the revived Oración Seis. The two briefly discuss and try to connect Makarov Dreyar's return with the recent events. Gran Doma orders Lahar to find recordings of when the Oración Seis broke out and adds that the Zentopia Church needs to be paid a visit.[5]

When Lahar returns, he reports to Gran Doma, who is shocked to hear that Lapointe was the one who freed the Oración Seis members. Lahar then expresses his will to investigate but Gran Doma orders him not to, stating that Zentopia is currently too powerful. [6]


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