Templat:Fairy Tail Wiki:Character Template (Other) Kaby's Wife is the unnamed wife of Kaby Melon.


Kaby's wife is a medium height woman with peach skin, large breasts, and brown hair. She wears tattered pink shirt, a skirt, and a green necklace.


Daybreak arcSunting

Fail:Kaby and his wife with Team Natsu.png

Kaby's wife first appeared when Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy came into her and her husband's "mansion," and sat beside her husband.[1] Once Natsu and the others left she questioned if he really should give them the job because security around the mansion is sure to have been tightened. Kaby says that he understands that, but that book must be destroyed.[2]

Fail:Kaby watching the letters rearranging.png

When Team Natsu returns back and gives DAYBREAK to Kaby, she along with her husband is shocked to realize that they haven't destroyed it yet.[3] After Kaby attempted to destroy the book, a Magic Spell casted on the book prevented it from being destroyed, this shocked her.[4] She along with her husband then protest as Natsu Dragneel states that they won't accept an award.[5]

Later on, she along with Kaby returned to her true home, a small house in the middle of a forest, and are seen reading DEAR KABY. They had borrowed the mansion from a friend so that they would make themselves look big in order for the guilds to take the job more seriously.[6]

Fighting Festival arcSunting

Fail:Kageyama Karacka and Kaby with wife.jpg

During the Fantasia Parade, She is seen along with her husband, Kaby, enjoying the parade.[7]


  • She did not speak at all in the Anime, but spoke a little bit in the Manga.

Battles & EventsSunting


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