Templat:Fairy Tail Wiki:Character Template (Edolas) Mirajane (ミラジェーン Mirajēn) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. She is the Edolas counterpart of Mirajane Strauss.


Mirajane has long, white hair, with a portion of it bound in a frontward pony tail. She has blue eyes, large breasts, and a voluptuous body. Mirajane wears a purple shirt with lavender trimmings, revealing her stomach and ample cleavage, and a matching skirt.


Mirajane is a very kind, loving and cheerful person, just like Mirajane Strauss. She is the only person from Edolas with no differing personality traits from their respective Earth Land counterpart. This is probably a reference to Mirajane's former personality that was changed from the trauma of losing her sister.


Edolas arcSunting

She first appears happily welcoming Natsu Dragneel back to the guild, confusing Wendy, Happy, and Carla since her personality is similar to that of her Earth Land Counterpart.[1] She later informs Natsu that the Fairy Hunter is one of the Royal Army Division Captains, Erza Knightwalker.[2]

Fail:Edolas Mirajane and Elfman parting ways with Earthland Lisanna.jpg

Later, when Lisanna is being sucked into the Anima, Mirajane grabs her hand, saying that she and Elfman already know that she is not their Lisanna. Shown to have a very close bond, Mirajane tells her to go and to not make her real brother and sister suffer anymore. She is last seen telling Lisanna to return to Earth Land, still holding her hand as Lisanna is finally pulled into the Anima.[3]

Former Magic and AbilitiesSunting

Fail:Edolas Mirajane with her sword.jpg
Magic Sword and Shield: Mirajane uses a sword and a round shield in battle. She is seen using it during the battle against the royal army of Edolas.[4]


  • Lisanna claimed that she is good at cooking.[5]

Battles & EventsSunting


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