"We can try to justify our actions as much as we like, but it will not heal the hearts of the families of those who perished."

Org to Michello in "One Person"

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15px Male

Status Professional

Simbol Majlis Magik.png Magic Council


2nd Seat of the Magic Council

Pangkalan Operasi

Magic Council Headquarters, Era

Status Peribadi



Thought Projection

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Org (オーグ Ōgu) is a Mage of the Magic Council, occupying the 2nd Seat of the Council.[1] He used to despise Fairy Tail for the troubles they bring, but now seems to see them in a softer light due to their great accomplishments, such as bringing down Oración Seis.[2]


Fail:Org's Appearance.jpg

Org is a tall old man with a large gray beard and mustache. He has pointy ears and has a habit of only opening one eye. Org wears many layers of robes, like other Magic Council members do. On his head, a small bat-like creature can be seen.[3]

After seven years, Org's head is bald, and his beard has grown considerably longer.[4]


Fail:Org worried about Fairy Tail .jpg

Org is an angry man who always shouts. He seemed to dislike the younger generation of Magic Council members, Ultear and Siegrain.[5] Org also doesn't like the members of the newly appointed Magic Council. Org used to be strict about the laws Fairy Tail broke, but after they helped in the events at the Tower of Heaven, and stopped the Oración Seis, he seems to have gained a new respect for them.[6]


Macao arcSunting

Fail:Org gets angry at Siegrain and Ultear.jpg
Org debuts at the Magic Council's meeting place, Era. Siegrain and Ultear make smart remarks that they hope somebody will cause some trouble. Org gets angry and asks to himself how those two even became Council members. Another member interrupts and addresses the problem of Fairy Tail.[5]

Lullaby arcSunting

Fail:Org Holds Lullaby in his Hand.jpg

After Fairy Tail gets the Lullaby Flute, it is handed over to the Magic Council. Org tells the Council it is unacceptable for Dark Guilds to be using Magic created by Zeref. After Siegrain points out the Council would have been responsible if the guild Masters had died due to Lullaby, Org yells in disagreement pointing out the Masters themselves were the reason the Council was so stressed. Siegrain just smiles and tells Org to appreciate them more.[7]

Org is present when Erza Scarlet is brought before the Council. He is shocked when Natsu Dragneel storms in disguised as Erza and causes a ruckus.[8]

Phantom Lord arcSunting

After the guild war involving Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, Org, along with Michello bring forward a request to disband Fairy Tail.[1]

During Makarov's hearing after the war with Phantom Lord, Makarov falls asleep. This makes Org angry, though some members simply laugh.[9]

Tower Of Heaven arcSunting

Fail:Siegrain mentions Etherion to the council members.jpg

Org reappears, panicking about Siegrain's news that the R-System has been spotted. Org is surprised that there are still towers left after the Council ordered them to stop being made over eight years ago. Org warns everyone that this tower will cause havoc and tells everyone at the Council an army should be made to immediately dispatch it.[10] Siegrain argues, and says that sending an army won't be enough to stop the R-System, and recommends that the Council uses the Etherion. Org is surprised at the request, and is even more shocked when Ultear immediately agrees.[11] Eventually, Leiji agrees as well, enraging Org even more.[12] Org argues that using the Etherion is dangerous, as it will kill everyone in the tower, including the innocent people in it. Leiji protests against Org stating it may be necessary for some sacrifices to be made this time. Belno shortly agrees after.[13]

Fail:Magic Council surprised.JPG

The rest of the Council remains against Siegrain until he mentions that Jellal, the man in charge of the Tower of Heaven, is somebody well known to him, and that he is planning to resurrect the feared Black Mage, Zeref. This shocks the Council and they demand to know everything that Siegrain knows.[14] Eventually Org gives in as well.[15]

Fail:Org and the others start noticing the room aging .jpg

Org prays with the rest of the Council as the Etherion is fired upon the tower.[16] After the Etherion is fired, he thinks of all the innocent lives and casualties about to be made.[17] After it is fired, the Council is shocked to see the tower still standing with a new form made of lacrima.[18] Org and the others soon notice the room aging and Org points out the Lost Magic, Arc of Time is occurring. The Council flees as the culprit, Ultear claims that Jellal's dreams are about to be realized.[19]

Tenrou Island arcSunting

Fail:Org in the new Magic Council.jpg

With the newly reformed Council, which Org remains in, the new Chairman, Gran Doma complains about the number of apology letters Fairy Tail has written. Org defends them, stating they were a great help for defeating the Oración Seis Guild. Everybody in the Council argues back that they made an illegal alliance with other guilds without their approval though, and that in the end, Fairy Tail called Jellal a friend. Gran Doma then gets up and declares Fairy Tail has run out of chances, and that next time, they will be destroyed. Everyone claps except for Org.[6]

Key of the Starry Sky arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Click "show" to read the plot arc.

At the Magic Council, as Lahar is telling them about the news of a criminal who has been destroying churches across Fiore, Org states that many countries are watching them carefully, and that they must discover who is doing it and arrest them with haste.[20]

He and Gran Doma later hear news break of the revived Oración Seis. He watches as Lahar presents himself before the Council and it's revealed that the Oración Seis is indeed back, supported by the fact that they have broken out of prison to do so. Lahar then tells Gran Doma that Makarov has returned after the time-skip, and Org watches as Gran Doma instructs Lahar to find any recordings from the time of the Oración Seis break out, and adds how Zentopia Church needs to be paid a visit.[21]

Grand Magic Games arcSunting

Fail:Org talks to Doranbolt and Lahar.png

Org informs Doranbolt and Lahar about the return of the missing Fairy Tail members from seven years ago. He predicts the Magic World will be stirred up again since they are back. Org starts to find it strange how the past seven years have been so quiet. Tartarus has done nothing suspicious, nor have the remaining members of Grimoire Heart. Doranbolt then asks Org if he thinks Fairy Tail caused the seven years of "night". Org then walks away, laughing about how much he expected from Fairy Tail, despite his hatred for them.[22]

Back at Era, Org compliments Lahar's surveillance of the Grand Magic Games and mentions the Dragon illusion spectacle after the Games' end. Expressing his desire to show the other Council members, Lahar jokingly tells him that it would create more opposition against the festivities, amusing Org. Unbeknownst to Org and the rest of the Council, it was revealed that their memory had been wiped and altered of the true events by Doranbolt through Memory Control.[23]

Magic and AbilitiesSunting

Thought Projection: Org is capable of creating a Thought Projection of himself which he uses to attend trials of Mages in the court room without even being there in person.[24]


  • (To Michello) "We can try to justify our actions as much as we like, but it will not heal the hearts of the families of those who perished."[25]

Battles & EventsSunting


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