"To have been tamed by punks like these... father and everyone are cowards... I'm going to fight! If things keep up like this it'll be Fairy Tail's disgrace!"

Romeo Conbolt to Thibault in "Fairy Sphere"
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Romeo Conbolt



Romeo Konboruto




15px Male


6 (debut)
13 (X791)

Warna Rambut

Dark Purple

Warna Mata


Status Profesional

Fairy Tail

Lokasi Tanda

Left Shoulder



Pangkalan Operasi

First Fairy Tail Building
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Status Peribadi



Macao Conbolt (father)


Rainbow Fire
Fire Magic

Debut Manga

Chapter 2

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Episode 2

Pelakon suara

Mariya Ise


Kayla Carlyle (Episodes 2-19)
Lindsey Seidel (Episode 41)

Galeri Imej

Romeo Conbolt (ロメオ・コンボルト Romeo Konboruto) is the only son of Fairy Tail's Mage, Macao Conbolt,[1] and a Mage of the Fairy Tail guild.

Appearance Sunting

Fail:Romeo's stamp.png

When he first appears, Romeo is a slim, young boy with straight dark hair. The bangs of his hair are particularly prominent, covering part of his forehead, with some smaller strands jutting outwards from the top of his head. He has large eyes and a small, mildly round nose.[2] Seven years since his first introduction, his hair seems to have grown longer, including the various strands, giving his hair an overall spikier look. Romeo has also gotten much more muscular, possessing prominent abdominals and pectorals and, to a minor degree, biceps; having joined Fairy Tail, he also sports the guild’s stamp on his left shoulder.[3]

Romeo’s first outfit consists of a dark T-shirt adorned on the front by a drawing of Nakajima (a character from Hiro Mashima’s previous work Rave Master), lighter-colored pleated shorts with two large pockets on the back, and simple sandals, each held up by two bands joined by a round button.[2] After the time skip and his joining of his father’s guild, Romeo switched to an attire that somewhat resembles Natsu Dragneel’s, likely out of admiration for him and sadness for his supposed death. He now wears a long, dark, sleeveless open jacket with lighter-colored edges, revealing part of his muscular chest and held closed around his waist by a light sash, tied by a knot on his left hip. His legs are covered by loose, light-colored pants reaching down below his knees, paired with low, dark laced boots. Around his neck is a light scarf adorned by a wavy motif, mirroring the one which Igneel gave Natsu, but being tied on the front in a large knot. His forearms are wrapped in bandages.[3]


Fail:Romeo really wannabe a mage.jpg

Romeo is a kind boy who loves his father very much.[4] He takes pride in Macao's occupation as a Mage, and makes it his childhood dream to become a Mage himself.[5] He also greatly admires Natsu, viewing him as an older brother.[6] After Natsu disappears together with the Tenrou Team on Tenrou Island and is believed to be dead along with everyone else on it, Romeo becomes a sullen, cynical youth who believes his father to be a coward for doing nothing to defend their guild[7], and doesn't smile throughout the missing Mages' absence until they return seven years later.[8] Having become a Mage of Fairy Tail at this point, Romeo is a proud member of Fairy Tail who tries to defend its name from anyone who insults it.[9] Also, when he talks about or with his older guild mates, he ends their name in Nii or Nee.[6]


Macao arcSunting

Fail:Romeo hits Makarov.jpg

Romeo was familiar with children who believed Mages to be pathetic drunks, and was bullied for having a Mage for a father. Unable to put up with this teasing, Romeo begs his father to take an "amazing job" that would impress the bullies. Macao thus travels to Hakobe Mountain to slay Vulcans, a job which Romeo expects him to return from in three days.

Fail:Natsu, Lucy, and Happy bring Macao to Romeo.jpg

After a week passes and Macao doesn't return, Romeo assumes the worst and begs Makarov to send him someone to help. However, Makarov refuses saying Romeo needs to trust his dad. Upset, Romeo punches Makorov in the face calling him a jerk.[10] Empathizing with Romeo, Natsu sets out to find Macao alongside Happy and Lucy. To Romeo's joy, the three succeed and bring Macao back alive, after which Romeo apologizes to his father for sending him on such a dangerous mission. To cheer him up, Macao tells his son that he had slayed nineteen monsters on the mission, which Romeo decides to boast to the bullies the next time he is picked on.[4]

Lullaby arcSunting

Fail:Romeo helps his father cover Natsu.jpg

Romeo helps Macao cover for Natsu after he sets out to save Erza from being arrested by catching his father (disguised as a lizard and pretending to be Natsu) and saying that Macao had caught Natsu.[11]

Phantom Lord arcSunting

Romeo witnesses Natsu, Erza, Happy, Lucy, Gray and Loke changing bodies while under the effects of Changeling. In contrast to the others, who fret that the others will remain in each other's bodies forever, Romeo is delighted with the whole situation and repeatedly expresses his desire to become a Mage.[5]

Fighting Festival arcSunting

Romeo is seen watching his father on Fantasia Parade.

Oración Seis arcSunting

Together with members of the Fairy Tail, Romeo is happy about the new arrivals, Wendy Marvell and Carla, joining the guild.[12]

Tenrou Island arcSunting

After Makarov nominates Natsu and several others as participants in the S-Class Trial, Romeo is highly enthusiastic after hearing the news.

X791 arcSunting

Fail:Alzack and Bisca with Romeo.png

Seven years after the destruction of Tenrou Island and the disappearance of Fairy Tail's most powerful Mages, Romeo looks out at the sea alone, now branded with the mark of the guild.[13] Romeo continues staring out onto the sea, until Bisca and Alzack tell Romeo it's time to head back to the guild, as they didn't want his father to worry about him. Romeo looks down, saddened, and agrees to go. Bisca tries to comfort him, but Alzack stops her from doing so.[14]

Fail:Natsu kicks Thibault.jpg

When part of Fairy Tail goes out to find Tenrou Island once more, after The Trimens told them Tenrou Island still exists, Romeo decides to stay behind. Macao asks Romeo if he thought it was a good idea for him to stay. Romeo tells his father that even if the guild members did manage to find Tenrou Island again, there was no guarantee everyone would still be alive. Just then, Thibault and his crew enter the guild. They tell Wakaba, their guildmaster, will not accept the fact Fairy Tail cannot make their monthly payment. Romeo tells Thibault they have no money to pay them. He then prepares to attack them with Fire Magic, but Thibault just blows it out with his mouth, and it disappears.

Fail:Romeo smiles after 7 years.jpg

Thibault then prepares to attack Romeo, but then all the Fairy Tail members who disappeared seven years ago return, and quickly defeat Thibault and his gang. After explaining what happened on the island, Natsu looks at Romeo and says he's all grown up. Romeo then starts crying and smiled for the first time in 7 years. He welcomes everyone home.[15]

Key of the Starry Sky arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Click "show" to read the arc plot.
Fail:Natsu and Lucy dance.jpg

Whilst watching Natsu and Lucy's dance practice in preparation for a job, Romeo asks Happy what the two are trying to do, confused by the concept of social dancing. When he sees Natsu stand on Lucy's foot, he assumes that social dance is a game in which you try and step on your partner’s feet. After being properly informed by Mirajane as to what social dance actually is, Romeo excitedly asks Kinana to dance with him, with Kinana happily accepting.[16]

At the guild, Romeo watches as everyone tries to figure out how to turn Lucy back to normal after having turned invisible. He and Natsu try to set Lucy on fire with their combined powers as an attempt to bring her back to normal, although it does not succeed. He then watch as many of the other members, such as Freed, Reedus and Gray attempt to solve the issue as well, with all their efforts being in vain. Later on, he, along with the rest of the guild are accidentally turned invisible as well when Happy spills the ointment over everyone.[17]

One day when Natsu is sleeping, Romeo asks him what's wrong, and Lucy tells him that he is tired from working in the fields so he's taking a nap. He later tells Lucy that she has a visitor. Along with the others, he hears how Michelle has been looking for Lucy and sees Lucy's fathers memento.[17]

Fail:Conbolts & Wakaba Defeated.png

A few days later, at the guild, Romeo, Macao, Wakaba, Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna and Kinana are discussing Laxus and his upcoming duel with Natsu. Elfman suddenly suggests that they should hold a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree on it.[17] After the festival held for the battle between Natsu and Laxus, the Fairy Tail members return only to find three mysterious people at the guild. In the midst of fighting, Romeo attacks Coco (Earth Land) with his Purple Fire, only to be stopped by Macao and Wakaba.[18]

Fail:Traveling Companions.PNG

After Natsu and the others return to the guild, having engaged in a fight with Legion and acquired the "Key of the Starry Heavens", Romeo listens to Lucy talking about the true content of the book and decides to follow Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Michelle in their search for the clock part. He tells Natsu to get a hold of himself when his motion sickness strikes back on the boat and is annoyed when Happy mentions that only he is able to fight. He is present when Lucy confronts the archaeologists about her desire to fulfill her father's wish and is later amused when it is revealed that Natsu still has motion sickness despite acquiring his normal size.[19]

Fail:Lucy's search party looking at the strange device.png

After the ship arrives at its destination, the group finds themselves in a desert and Romeo notices something shining, only to be ignored by the rest who are busy enjoying Michelle's meal. Later, following his directions, they find a device and Romeo, along with Michelle, notices that it looks like a keyhole, which Lucy attempts to open with Cancer, only to cause the ground to crumble and the group to fall in the abyss.

Fail:Team Natsu in trap.png

After regrouping, Romeo and the others find themselves in an underground space, before a gate that apparently needs a password to open. After many failed attempts, Natsu suggests that Romeo should also try and, much to everyone's surprise, he opens the gate to the Sacred Graveyard just by politely asking. After Lucy activates a trap two times, trying to figure out how to move on, Virgo appears in a swimsuit. After Romeo questions why she is dressed like that, she asks him if he dislikes young women in swimsuits, much to his embarrassment, and then saves the group by making a hole on the floor.

When the group lands, they find themselves in a room filled with coffins and, after making a joke about Lucy, Romeo suggests moving on. However, Natsu activates another trap and, although with Romeo's guidance the group follows the only bridge not to crumble, they are later forced to jump off the bridge to the chasm below. Natsu praises Romeo for his great timing, after he insists to jump on his own, and later both of them use their flames to grab a pillar in order to avoid falling. Reaching the lowest part of the graveyard, Romeo and the others encounter Dan Straight and Coco.[20]

Fail:Romeo uses his Yellow Flame to save Lucy.png

Romeo shows little shock or worry upon the two Legion Corps' arrivals. Romeo and the others are affected when Natsu's attacks are rebounded off Dan's Ricochet and at them instead, causing Romeo to scold the Dragon Slayer. When Lucy is eventually shrunken by Habaraki and tied around Dan's waist, while the knightly man is distracted, Romeo conjures yellow fire under his armor creating a foul stench within. When Dan accidentally flings Lucy away, Romeo tries to use his purple fire to catch her but is unsuccessful. While he, along with Lucy, Michelle and Happy, leave to search for the clock part, Romeo attacks Coco, who is following them, with purple fire. Much later, Lucy and Coco are caught in a trap and fall down a hole. This worries Romeo and Michelle but they are told to continue looking for the clock part. Later on, they reunite with Lucy and resume searching for the part, leaving the injured Coco behind.[21]

Fail:Dan almost hit Romeo.png

When Romeo, along with Michelle, Happy and Lucy, reaches the chapel of the graveyard, Lucy is confident that this is the location of the clock part and Romeo wonders how they will find it. Their search is interrupted by Natsu, who lands on the ground, defeated, and followed by Dan. After Natsu attacks Dan and is shrunken, Romeo steps in order to protect Lucy from Dan, although the latter easily deflects Romeo's purple flames, causing panic to the group; Lucy advises Romeo not to use Magic in the room again. After Natsu returns back to his size, thanks to Michelle and Happy's plan involving Lucy, Romeo fuses his flames with Natsu's, helping him to finally defeat Dan Straight. The clock part appears shortly afterwards, due to the impact.[22]

A while later Dan regains consciousness and the group ask his to explain the Legion Corps and it's goals, and Romeo listens to Dan's story on his early life. As Dan is telling them he was in a civil war, he and Michelle interrupt him by thinking that his family died in the fight, but Dan reveals that the war lasted for half a day and everyone was okay, continuing on. There was a girl Dan fell in love with in the town, but after the war she disappeared. Romeo, Michelle and Happy again conclude that she died. Natsu asks what happened to her, to which Dan replies that the next day he found her and she was alive. As Michelle is wondering were Coco is and Lucy is worried about her, Romeo says not to worry about her as she is the enemy. A while later, Kanaloa and Byro arrive on the scene.[23]

Fail:Kanaloa defeated.png

Romeo watches as Natsu laughs at the older man and the octopus and Michelle and Happy worry about Natsu's influence on him. He stands back as Natsu attacks Byro, but is unable to defeat them because Kanaloa's squishy body and deadly ink prove to be more formidable than first thought. When Lucy distracts Kanaloa, Romeo and Natsu move in to attack but the pink octopus is still able to counter them. Later, he and Lucy use their Magic to pin Kanaloa while Natsu finally defeats it.[24]

Fail:Natsu, Lucy, Romeo and Happy.jpg

Romeo then watches on as Natsu and Byro clash with one another. When Happy gives his speech about how wrongful Zentopia Church's ideals, Romeo stands beside the Exceed with his fellow Mages proudly. The group is soon accompanied by several other of their Guild's Mages, as well as Lyon, but afterwards the Infinity Clock forms with a mysterious group of six approaching.[25]

Romeo watches as the Reborn Oracion Seis appears and as Brain II defeats Byro, Dan and Natsu, whilst the others are defeated by Racer and Cobra. Later, along with the others, he is attacked by Angel's Magic, but the group is luckily saved by the members of Blue Pegasus, who take them back to their guild to recuperate. He then rides on Cristina while hearing the Infinity Clock's dark chime.[26]

Romeo and the others return to the guild, still depressed that they weren't able to stop the Reborn Oracion Seis from taking the Infinty Clock. He is present as the Thunder God Tribe returns and the guild tells them what happen. He later watches as Cana does a tarot reading to find the location of the Oracion Seis and put the guild into groups to split up and find them.[27]

Later, Romeo is outside the guild, looking at the Infinity clock, telling Natsu and Lucy to wait for him.[28]

Fail:Romeo vs. Imitatia.png

Romeo later arrives at the Infinity Castle and is noticed by Warren. He reveals that he was hiding inside Christina all along in order to help them. Despite Warren's doubts about Romeo being there, Wendy and Carla decide to lead him to the Infinity Clock in order for him to save Lucy. When he spots Natsu having trouble fighting Imitatia, he comes in and saves the Dragon Slayer. Romeo attacks Imitatia, telling her that she betrayed both Lucy and himself and has no right to call Lucy "nee-san", but Imitatia, determined to realize her wish, fights back and defeats Romeo. After Midnight reveals that Lucy cannot be saved and turns Imitatia into a doll, Romeo throws his Purple Fire to Natsu, who punches the Reborn Oración Seis leader and promises to him that he will never laugh at other people's pain again.[29]

Elfman approaches Romeo and asks him if he is able to stand, and Romeo gives a positive response. Romeo and Elfman decide to back Natsu up, and Brain II orders Klodoa to fight the two Mages. As they fight the dark Mage, Romeo and Elfman notice Natsu being engulfed in the darkness of Genesis Zero and ask what happened to him in confusion. When Lucy manages to control Real Nightmare by herself and Natsu breaks free from the world of darkness, Klodoa finds the chance to escape, much to the disappointment of Romeo. When Natsu defeats Brain II, Romeo rejoices and cheers for Natsu, thinking that Lucy will now be safe.

Fail:Guild on top of Kanaloa.png

At first, Romeo is anxious over seeing that Lucy does not return, even after all the engraved seals have disappeared, but he soon hears her voice coming from all over the Clock Tower, thus concluding that she has fully merged with the clock. However, Romeo and the others soon learn that Lucy can still return if she controls the clock, breaks it to its core parts and returns them all back to the earth. She does so, and Romeo, along with Natsu and his other guild mates, board on Kanaloa to search for Lucy. Luckily, Natsu tracks her down and is able to catch her just in time before her crushing to the ground.[30]

After saving Lucy, Romeo, along with his comrades, returns to Fairy Tail where the Legionnaires later apologize to them and have a small party with the Mages in the guild. They then later say goodbye to Romeo and head off on their journey to seek out and seal the scattered parts of the Infinity Clock.[31]

Grand Magic Games arcSunting

Fail:Party at Fairy Tail.PNG

After celebrating the return of the former members, and the guild setting its sights on becoming the number one guild in Fiore again, Romeo attempts to get the guild to compete in the Grand Magic Games, a competition where all the guilds in Fiore complete against each other. When Makarov hears the prize for winning is 30,000,000 Jewel.png he immediately makes Fairy Tail enter. Romeo tells the guild it will start in three months, and the guild gets excited to train and get stronger for the competition.[32]

When the day of the competition comes, Romeo, along with the rest of the guild members cheer for Team Fairy Tail A in the stands. They are all surprisingly greeted by Mavis Vermilion who has also come to watch the games and cheer for her guild.[33] When Fairy Tail second team, Team Fairy Tail B, Fairy Tail cheers again, though Mavis notices the man disguised as Mystogan is Jellal Fernandes, but accepts Makarov's decision to let him participate.[34] Before Lucy begins her battle against Flare Corona, Romeo questions Mavis' worried expression. She tells him that she wonders what Raven Tail wants to accomplish by entering the tournament.[35]

Fail:Celebrating their defeat.png

As Lucy continues to fight Flare, and suddenly begins to lose, Romeo, as well as many others, conclude that something must of had happened that caused Lucy's sudden change.[36] He is then surprise when he sees Natsu grabbing and ripping Flare's red hair which was behind Asuka Connell.[37] When Lucy's battle is interrupted by one of the Raven Tail's Mages, unknown by others, causing her to lose, Romeo calls Raven Tail a dirty guild.[38] After War Cry is defeated by Orga Nanagear, Romeo complements Sabertooth's power.[39] Romeo is then seen celebrating with the others after the first day is over, stating that he thought Lucy's battle was awesome and Gray's effort in the first event was awesome as well.[40] He then shares the joy of the Fairy Tail Mages when Makarov encourages them, and continues to celebrate.[41] Later that day, when Bacchus enters Bar Sun, where the fairies are celebrating, and disrupts the party, Romeo worries about his father when Bacchus slams Macao and Wakaba on the floor.[42]

Fail:Fairy Tail's surprise.png

The next day, during the Chariot event, Romeo is stunned when he sees Gajeel Redfox's and Sting Eucliffe's transportation sickness. However by the end of the race he was crying at Natsu's determination.[43] During Toby Horhorta's fight, Romeo was seen supporting Toby and not Kurohebi, however, Kurohebi wins the battle.[44] Romeo watches as Elfman Strauss fights Bacchus, and defeats him.[45] During the second day's third battle, he's stands next to Makarov, telling him to calm down, while Mirajane Strauss and Jenny Realight battle, and Mira comes out victorious.[46][47]

Fail:Romeo and Makarov watch Wendy's battle.png

Romeo is left speechless when Erza defeats one hundred monsters during the Pandemonium event.[48] He then celebrates Cana's victory when she scores a 9999 in the MPF (Event).[49] During the third day of Grand Magic Games, he watches as "Alexei" easily overpowers Laxus.[50] After Laxus is declared winner after defeating Ivan and Raven Tail, he is seen along with the rest of the guild members, cheering.[51] At a point of the battle, a powerful spell of Chelia fails to hit Wendy, which Romeo mistakes as if Wendy has dodged the attack, but Makarov replies that Chelia actually missed the attack.[52] Romeo keeps watching the match with tension, but it ends up as a draw, finishing the Games' third day. Nonetheless, the Mages of both Lamia Scale and Fairy Tail are content.[53]

After the third day's events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party and having fun.[54][55]

Fail:Exceeds and FT Cheerleading Squad.jpg

Later, Romeo watches as the new Fairy Tail Team enters the battle-field.[56] Romeo, as well as many of the viewers, stares in awe when the identity of Team Blue Pegasus' bunny man is revealed to be that of Nichiya's, an Exceed from Edolas.[57] As Natsu and Gajeel from the newly formed team enter the arena to battle Sabertooth's Sting and Rogue, Romeo, alongside his guild-mates, watches the match with confidence.[58]

Romeo screams out Natsu's name when Natsu falls into the crumbling arena after one of Sting's attack hits both Natsu, Gajeel and the area itself.[59] When Natsu lays on the floor, due to being hit multiple times with Sting's attacks, Romeo tells him to stand up.[60] Romeo, alongside his guild, celebrates Natsu's and Gajeel's victory as he brings his arm up and puts a big smile on his face. He is also happy to see team Fairy Tail in the league with forty-five points.[61] At the last day, Romeo cheers with the rest of the guild as Team Fairy Tail enters the arena.[62] Although at first Fairy Tail's members are worried, since the contestants of their guild have not made a move yet, Mavis soon reveals that it is all going according to her plan, much to Romeo's surprise and shock.[63]

Fail:FT Asking About Gray vs Rufus.jpg
Romeo's surprised expression remains as the team moves out and Mavis begins to give out orders.[64]
Fail:FT Reaction To Kagura's Attack.jpg
As Gray prepares to battle Rufus Lohr of Team Sabertooth, Romeo asks Mavis if such is part of her calculations, which she confirms.[65] Later in the battle, Romeo watches with excitement as Gray uses his Magic to mold weaponry so fast that Rufus is unable to keep up.[66] As the battle comes to an end, Romeo, alongside the Fairy Tail Mages, joyfully celebrates Gray's victory over Sabertooth's Rufus.[67]
Fail:FT Reaction To Laxus Falling.jpg

Later, as the Games continue, Romeo notices Makarov's shocked expression and asks him what is wrong, to which Makarov replies that he suddenly had an image of himself writing a pile of apology letters again.[68] After the three strongest female Mages competing in the Grand Magic Games of the year X791 clash, Romeo watches from the sidelines bewildered as to what the intense encounter will deliver.[69] Simultaneously, in another part of Crocus, Laxus and Jura begin their own face off, and, seeing the Lamia Scale Mage slam Laxus forcefully into the ground, Romeo stares on open-mouthed.[70] However, once Laxus delivers an uppercut to the Wizard Saint and defeats him, Romeo looks on in amazement.[71]

Fail:FT Ecstatic Over The Victory.jpg

Seconds after realizing that Erza managed to defeat the leader of Team Sabertooth; receiving five points for her victory, Romeo is speechless at the thought of achieving victory prior to their multiple defeats.[72] Though his hopes are soon stepped on as he hears the commentators explain that if Sting is able to defeat all five Mages of Team Fairy Tail, Sabertooth will attain victory. He sees Sting's attempt to lure in the five Mages by firing a flare towards the sky with Sabertooth's insignia.[73] Nonetheless, Sting cowards out, much to Romeo's delight. With said events taking place, Fairy Tail is named winner, grating the Guild with the title of number one Guild in Fiore. Happily being hugged by his father, Romeo cheers for the overwhelming victory alongside the supporting spectators.[74] He turns around and rises both arms in celebration, happily glorifying the victorious Mages.[75]

Fail:Unity Of Fiore Wizards.jpg

However, shortly after his brief celebration of Team Fairy Tail's amazing victory, Romeo and hundreds of other Mages are called to the center of Crocus, where the King of Fiore waits to speak to them. Conveying information of a Dragon attack that will apparently occur in Crocus on the following day, the King begs for the Mages assistance in protecting the people, something which Romeo eagerly agrees to help with.[76] He then joins his guild as they are ambushed by a Dragon whose body is completely enveloped in flames, shocked to see none of their attacks making contact.[77]

After monsters hatched from Motherglare's eggs appear, Laxus states that he will deal with Atlas Flame on his own. When Romeo claims that it's impossible for Laxus to do it alone, the Thunder God Tribe back him up, saying that they are here to support him. Romeo and the other Fairy Tail members then proceed to attack the smaller monsters.[78]

Fail:Wakaba takes Romeo away from injured Macao.png

Later, Romeo witnesses as Motherglare's hatchlings bear down on Macao. He yells out his name in an attempt to help him, but Macao tells Wakaba to take Romeo away and leave him there.[79] However, as Ultear activates Last Ages and rewinds the time, Romeo and others manage to predict these events and save themselves, wondering whether it was a dream or a premonition.[80] With the Eclipse Gate demolished, the Dragons and the Hatchlings go on to disappear, leading Romeo to celebrate with the rest of his Guild members.[81]

Fail:Romeo takes a piece of his father's meat.png

Romeo, clad in formal clothes, joins his guildmates as they attend the great banquet held by the royal family, in which he is first spotted taking a piece of his father's meat, who portrays an angry expression after his son does this.[82] Soon after, he is seen showing his understanding to Yukino's similar appearance to Lisanna Strauss, only to be brought into the battle of convincing Yukino to join their guild over the others.[83] The scuffle is soon brought to an end when the King approaches the Mages, but everyone is shocked to see that Natsu has stolen the crown and is wearing the King's clothes; taking his place illegally.[84]

Sun Village arcSunting

Fail:Natsu Gray and Happy after work.png

After returning to Magnolia, Romeo is happy to see that the their guild's building has been rebuilt and that the people of Magnolia welcome them back with open arms. Once inside, Romeo tells the fighting Gray and Natsu, who were recently brought back from their mission by Erza, to stop acting like kids. Momentarily, Mirajane walks in with a new mission at hand, requesting Natsu and Gray. Romeo is shocked to hear that the request was sent by one of the four gods of Ishgar, Walrod Cken.[85]

Magic and AbilitiesSunting

Fail:Romeo's Magic.jpg

Rainbow Fire (七色の炎 レインボーファイア Reinbō Faia): Romeo can use this type of Fire Magic, which allows him to create different-colored flames for different effects.

  • Purple Fire: Romeo creates a purple flame in his hand that can stick to objects. It was first seen against Thibault as a fireball, but extinguished by him with a puff.[86][87]
  • Blue Fire: A spell in which Romeo creates a blue-colored flame with cold properties.[87]
  • Yellow Fire: A spell in which Romeo creates a yellow-colored flame hovering on his palm. This flame apparently gives off a strange smell.[87]

Battles & EventsSunting

Perlawanan Peristiwa


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