Templat:Fairy Tail Wiki:Character Template (Other) Zekua Melon (ゼクア・メロン Zekua Meron) was a former Mage, adventure novelist, and the father of Kaby Melon.


Zekua, being aged, possesses a wrinkly face. He is a tall, fairly-skinned, well-endowed man. He has gray hair, tied into a pony tail with long fringes of hair framing his face. He wears a long-sleeved white collared shirt, that is left unbuttoned, layering it with a maroon vest that is also unbuttoned. He also wears dark blue pants and doesn't seem to be wearing any kind of foot apparel.


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Zekua Melon was a former adventure novelist and Mage at the same time, whose works have been considered as cultural heritage.[1]

Thirty-four years ago, Duke Everlue threatened to withdraw the citizenship of Zekua Melon and his family if he refused to write a book with him as the main character.

Fail:Zekua about to sever his arm.PNG

Seeing no way out, Zekua agreed, but Everlue was angry for his initial refusal and locked him in a solitary cellar, crushing his pride as a writer.

For three years, Zekua fought with his pride in order to save his family. Zekua used his last remaining power to cast Magic on the book he entitled DAYBREAK.[2] After three years he returns to his house to find his son, Kaby. He decided to never write a book again and cut off his own arm. At the hospital, Kaby confronted him for writing the book and for leaving his family. Shortly after that, Zekua committed suicide, leaving an angry son.[3]


Daybreak arcSunting

Fail:DEAR KABY.png
Kaby began to regret his actions and ordered Mages to retrieve and destroy the Daybreak book. When Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy brought back the book to Kaby, Kaby refused to accept it and decided to incinerate it. As he was about to light the book on fire, the book began to glow because of Zekua's Magic and the letters of the title began to rearrange itself from DAYBREAK to DEAR KABY followed by the contents of the book to form the best book ever written that was for his son.[4]

Magic and AbilitiesSunting

Writing Magic: Zekua used a form of Letter Magic that allows him to (even after a long period of time) change the meaning of a text inside his book.

  • Letter Re-Arranging: He can re-arrange all the letters in a book to make a completely different book.[5] (Unnamed)


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